First Ever Breakfast with Santa Fundraiser
On December 7th from 8:00am to 11:00am, RollingAcres Instrumental Music will be hosting its first “Breakfast with Santa” in the Rolling Acres Middle School cafegymatorium. This will be a multifaceted fundraising event for the arts department where our school community can gather for a pancake and sausage breakfast, musical entertainment, and a visit from St. Nick. The primary goal is to raise funds for the Instrumental Music and Visual Arts departments so that they are better able to provide materials and resources for their students.

This fundraiser is a massive undertaking, requiringplanning, leadership, and execution of many different tasks. Mr. Bainter is committed to planning the ENTIRE event from beginning to end, but the leadership and execution of the tasks must be done by a team. It is a goal of Mr. Bainter’s to bring together the parents of the wonderful Instrumental Music students so that they might contribute to the furthering of the band andorchestra programs at Rolling Acres. As a team, we can provide a world ofopportunity for our students and the future of the Instrument Music Program at Rolling Acres.

As such, I am asking ANY PARENT THAT IS WILLING AND ABLE to help on the morning of December 7th to email me at as soon as possible.This event is a required performance for the Instrumental Music students, so it is my goal to have as many parents as possible participate to lighten the load and allow parents to watch their student’s performance. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Jobs include:

·        Cooks (pancakes or sausage)

·        Line Setup (moving food from cook area to serving area, coffee/juice making, restocking dinnerware, etc.)

·        Servers (all food and drink on the line)

·        Cashiers/Greeters (explanations of offerings and events, take and manage money, answer questions)

·        Logistics/Clean Up (move chairs and instruments, set up the cafegymatorium before, tear down after, clean up during, etc)

·        Chaperones (walk halls, block off unused areas, general behavior supervision)

If you have the time/skills to donate to any of these tasks, I would greatly appreciate your help! However, if you have neither the time nor the skills to donate and would rather offer up a donation of goods to help keep costs down for the event, I have a list on non-perishable items that we will need from GFS on University. To find out which items are needed, please email me. Without a centralized, easy-to-update, up-to-the-minute list, I fear thatwe would end up with too few or too many of a given item. By emailing me, I can check my list and get back to you.

The schedule for the day’s event will be as follows:

·        6:00am to 7:00am – Mr. Bainter and a few select people will be setting up the initial floor plan and materials for the day.

·        7:00am to 8:00am – Parent volunteers will arrivefor either “zero-shift” cooking (7:00am) or their predetermined first-shift duty.

·        8:00am to 9:00am – First-shift volunteers will work; Mr. Bainter will be unavailable from 8:30am to 9:00am

·        9:00am to 10:00am – Second-shift volunteers will work; students will begin playing at around 9:45am

·        10:00am to 11:00am – Third-shift volunteers will work; students will continue playing until 10:30am

·        11:00am to noon – Clean-up volunteers will tear down and clean up. Done by noon!

There is a ton of information here, so to boil it down to the key points:

1.      The Breakfast with Santa will be on December 7th from 8:00am to 11:00am and is a required performance for all band and orchestra students! Details will come regarding the performance times, attire, schedule, etc.

2.      If you have the time or skill to fill a job spot and are willing to do so, I can’t tell you how much that you’d be help out the Instrumental Music program (and Mr. Bainter!!!). Contact Mr. Bainter to get on the list of volunteers

3.      If you are unable to attend or help out (or just wish to watch), you can help out a great deal by donating need goods of a non-food nature. Contact Mr. Bainter for details.

With that said, there is one more thing that you can do to help the Breakfast with Santa be a success. ADVERTISE! One the school’s end, we will have things on our website, as well as the marquee on the front of the school. Mr. Bainter will be sending information to the K-4 buildings inviting their students and families to partake in the festivities. If you would be willing, please advertise us on your social media connections and at your family functions. This is a community event, and we need families and friends to come together in support of Rolling Acres’ art department.

Money raised will be used to provide instruments and repairs, performance opportunities beyond Peoria, and memorable experiences for the students. A short blurb on Facebook, Twitter, or at the Thanksgiving table will go a long way towards raising funds for the students! In advance, I thankyou for your support of the Breakfast with Santa, and I thank you, as always, for supporting your students’ arts education.