• Student made Adirondack chairs for sale
    The Manual Industrial Technology Department is selling Adirondack style chairs that have been constructed by students. They are $75 each. A two seat version is  being sold for $125. All proceeds go to materials for future projects. These are perfect for the porch or patio! Please contact teacher Andrew Rice with any questions or ordering information at andrew.rice@psd150.org.
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News and Information

  • Principal for the Day

    Manual Prep Academy rewarded its top student, the only one out of 51 to receive all As and Bs and have no referrals or absences to go with it. Christian Little is a remarkable student and one we wish we could replicate over and over. Christian was named principal for the day at Manual. She did walk throughs of math classrooms with Mrs. Young, Mr. Vaughn, and Mrs. Gobeyn as well as handing out Ram-bucks for some positive behavior she saw from students. She made a positive phone call home about herself and had her brother warned about disrespecting siblings. To wrap up the day, Christian made an administrative decision t​o give all middle school students recess for a few minutes at the end of the day.

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  •  PBIS

    Prep Academy Refreshes on PBIS

    Manual Prep Academy took a day to refresh themselves on behavior expectations and social skills. Their morning started with being assigned to seats in the cafeteria with other students with whom they usually do not communicate. The students started discovering some unique things they had in common. One group had two members that could both text with their toes! Later, tables were handed some different quotes based around the ideas of humility and perseverance and how they related to school. Students once again modeled hallway behavior throughout all of their transitions during the day.

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  • Chess Team Plays with Pride

    Ten students from Manual Academy's chess team played at Morton Community High School. They all showed great sportsmanship and represented Manual with pride.

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  •  AP Biology

    AP Biology students hard at work

    Mrs. Daly's AP Biology students worked very hard the past few weeks. They took a concept, transpiration, and chose how they would test the rate of transpiration in plants. The students wrote their own experiments, procedures, and testing. They performed the experiments over a week long period and gather valuable data. They then had to evaluate their data and analyze whether or not their hypotheses had been met. The students then created college level posters to disseminate their information to others. The class worked very hard and deserve recognition for their outstanding commitment to their education.

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