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Changes in federal and state laws have directed schools to focus more on helping all children learn by addressing problems earlier within the general education setting.

These laws emphasize the importance of providing high quality, scientifically-based instruction and interventions, by holding schools accountable for the adequate yearly progress of all students.

The Comprehensive System of Student Support (CSSS) or Response to Intervention (RtI) provides interventions to students who require academic or behavioral support to maximize their education by integrating Response to Intervention (RtI) and Positive Behavioral Intervention and Support (PBIS), as well as other support initiatives.

Guiding Principles: A Resource Guide for Improving School Climate and Discipline
U.S. Department of Education 
US Dept of Ed  

The U.S. Department of Education recently released some excellent FREE and comprehensive resources for schools to address school climate and culture. It aligns exceptionally well with what we are working on in the district with PBIS implementation at all 3 tiers and directly addresses action planning for cultural responsiveness. The available resources are extensive and cover every topic imaginable. You will find resources specific for early childhood, elementary, middle and high schools. Visit the Department of Education site noted below. The Directory of Resources is also attached below.

Visit:  http://www2.ed.gov/policy/gen/guid/school-discipline/index.html


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SAMPLE Completed Tier 2 Intervention Documentation Worksheet
Attached is a sample worksheet that has been completed for a Corrective Reading intervention group. The top half of the worksheet is completed PRIOR TO BEGINNING the intervention as it plans the intervention through a problem solving process.
The bottom of the portion of the worksheet is completed AFTER the period of time designated for the intervention when the grade level team meets to review student data/progress and determine the effectiveness of the intervention. Only then can the team make decisions about whether to continue the intervention, modify it, intensify it, discontinue it or return to the problem solving process.

Skyward Discipline on a Page

How to Write a Measurable Goal 
 Use this professional development activity with staff to teach how to complete a Tier 2/3 Intervention Worksheet and write a measurable goal. It has been used effectively at two schools already with a great response.
Use these slides to teach how to write a measurable goal.