I.  AcademicS


Positive Learning Environment

Manual Academy School promotes a “Positive Learning Environment.”  It is our desire to create an atmosphere that is conducive to learning. To that end, we have developed an all school Positive Behavior Intervention System (PBIS) plan to govern our school’s environment.  Below are the school-wide expectations that govern the school. 

All students and staff will:

  • Be There                     
  • Be Prepared
  • Be Respectful             
  • Be Safe



Every student will be assigned to an advisory during the day.  Students are required to attend daily as part of their academic schedule.  This is an opportunity to learn school policies, learn additional study skills, participate in school-wide activities and develop social/emotional goals.  Advisory time will be used to provide additional support for reading and math as well. 



Each class session is 85 minutes and equivalent to two days in a traditional class.  It is very important that you come prepared and work the entire time. 



As a school wide initiative, the goal is to develop interventions and procedures to promote greater student success.  Teachers will be providing additional support to ensure your continued academic success - as needed.    



Many courses have specific requirements (book report, term paper, Constitution test, etc.) that must be completed to receive credit for the course.  These are noted in the Syllabus for each course.  Students will receive an F for any course in which they do not complete the requirement.  Final examinations are considered a course requirement and must be completed on scheduled date(s).



If a student fails a class or is behind from past failure, the counselor may assign a credit recovery class into his/her schedule in order to keep them on track for graduation.

Grading System

The academic year is divided into two semesters. Each semester represents a full course credit.  The two nine week grades count as 40% each and the semester exam counts as 20%. The student’s GPA (grade point average) determines a student’s class rank. The two nine week grades count as 40% each and the semester exam counts as 20%. The student’s GPA (grade point average) determines a student’s class rank.



Peoria Public School District 150 utilizes the following grading scale:

                                A                                             90 – 100

                                B                                             80 – 89

                                C                                             70 – 79

                                D                                             60 – 69

                                F                                              50 – 59


As an added incentive to promote improved student accountability, student must make adequate grades (A, B and C only) to participate in extra-curricular activities and other school sponsored events.  Students on the D/F list may attend study tables to become eligible for activities during the current week.

Graduation Requirements:  minimum 28 credits needed starting with the 2011-2012 freshman class- classes prior to that must have a minimum of 18 credits)


Earning a diploma is right of all students who have completed the necessary course work.  However, participating in the graduation ceremony is a privilege for those students who have represented themselves and Manual Academy School is a positive manner. The Administration reserves the right to determine a student’s participation in the graduation ceremony


*Graduation requirements changed with the class of 2011. See your counselor. Please refer to the Welcome to Manual Academy booklet for specific program of study requirements. 


Students and their parent/guardian can sign up for access to student information on the Peoria Public School Website ( This allows students and parents to stay informed regarding attendance , grades, and discipline.  Forms are filled out at registration or picked up from your child’s school and filled out at any time during the school year. 



Each semester, students are given final exams in each of their classes. These exams count towards 20% their semester grade average. Final Exams are considered a course requirement.  All students, unless waived as per Board of Education policy, are required to take final exams at their scheduled time. Any student WHO does not take a semester exam in any of their classes will automatically fail that course for the semester.



Board Policy 6:295

With written parental/guardian permission, senior students who meet the following guidelines may waive a final exam during 2nd semester for the course(s) for which they qualify:

1.       The student must have maintained a “B” average or higher in the class.

2.       The student may not have accumulated tardies on five or more days during the semester.

3.       The student may not have any unexcused absences from school, class, advisory, or assembly programs during the semester.

4.       The student may not have accumulated more than five excused absences during the semester, including college visitations days. Approved absences for the observance of religious holidays shall not be counted for this purpose.

5.       The student may not have been suspended from school during the semester.

6.       The parent/guardian of the student must authorize in writing, the specific course(s) for which the student may request to waive a final exam.

Questions involving unusual circumstances shall be decided by the Assistant Superintendent.

A completed waiver form must be turned in to the Counselors’ office by the designated time to qualify to waive final exams.    


Honor Roll

 Honor roll is defined by Board Policy 5126.1. 

·         A student must earn a GPA of 3.50 or higher out of a possible 4.0.

·         A grade of “C” in any course will prevent a student from being placed on the honor roll. 

·         Honor roll is determined using the traditional 4 point scale. 

·         Students with all A’s will be identified by an asterisk indicating the distinction of “highest honors.”


principal honor roll

  • Students with all A’s qualify for the Principal’s Honor Roll. 


At Manual Academy, we believe that there are many additional students who should also receive recognition for their academic achievements. Therefore, in addition to the district honor roll, Manual Academy has developed the commended honor roll.

·         To be eligible for the commended honor roll, a student must have received all “A’s” and “B’s” and no more than one C.

·         In their coursework and have an unweighted GPA of 3.0 or higher.




Parents will receive a prerecorded phone message on day(s) their child is absent.  For this reason, it is important to have an accurate phone number and in the case of an emergency. 



Progress reports are official notification of student progress at the midpoint of each grading period.  They are issued after approximately the 4th week of school. 



Students have an opportunity to participate in Academic Progress Conferencing. These conferences are held with community members to discuss their progress in classes.



Conferences will be held on November 3 from 4 -7 pm and November 4 when teacher will visit student’s home from 9 -11 am.  This schedule is repeated in March 29-30, 2012.  Parents may request a conference at any time to discuss student’s progress by calling either the counselor or the academy leader. 



Report cards will be mailed to the student’s primary home address at the end of each nine-week grading period.  It is important to make sure the school has the correct information.   If a report card is not received at home at the end of each nine weeks, please call the counseling office or their academy leader. 



Prairie State Achievement Examination is an assessment designed by the State Board of Education to measure student progress toward meeting the Illinois Learning Standards.  This test which has three parts, one being the ACT, is administered to all 11th grade students in April.  The make-up test is offered in May. Passing the PSAE is not a graduation requirement, but students in Illinois must take the ACT test in order to graduate.



Good attendance expectations and the Attendance Plan are taught to all students. Parents/guardians are expected to understand and support the plan, by sending children to school every day. We will recognize and celebrate good attendance regularly.

Truancy unexcused absences, as used in Peoria Public School Board Policy 7:70 are defined as being absent without valid cause for a school day or a portion thereof.


Excessive truancy/ unexcused absences, as used in Peoria Public School Board Policy 7:70, are defined as having (18) eighteen unexcused truancy absences over a 180-day period. When a student accumulates excessive unexcused truancy absences (18), he/she will be declared a chronic truant according to School Board Policy 7:70. This policy requires counseling or other supportive services be utilized before any punitive action is taken.


Attendance Plan ……..Every Student, Every Day…School

2 Consecutive Unexcused Absences-

·         Teachers will notify parent/guardian and work to resolve attendance issues.


5 Unexcused Absences-

·         Attendance Letter will be sent to parent from dean.

·         Parent/guardian will be contacted by school personnel


10 Unexcused Absences-

·         10 Day Attendance Letter will be sent to parent/guardian from dean. 

·         1st meeting with parent/guardian and school personnel to discuss the legal and academic impact of future absences.


11-15 Unexcused Absences-  

·         2nd meeting with parent/guardian and school personnel to discuss the legal and academic impact of future absences.

·         Truancy ticket can be issued to student for every subsequent unexcused absence. Each Ticket will cost $50.00 or if student is unable to pay he/she will work Community Service hours. These tickets are issued by school Campus Police, Deans, administrators, and Home/School Facilitators.

15 Unexcused Absences- 

·         15 Day Attendance Letter hand-delivered to parent/guardian with Alternative Attendance Contract.



18 Unexcused Absences-

·         18 Day Attendance Letter hand-delivered to parent with Alternative Attendance Contract.

·         Student will be allowed to remain in school by attending a mandatory meeting with Dean and parent/guardian to sign Alternative Attendance Contract which will allow up to two additional unexcused absences.

·         Refusal or failure to sign Alternative Attendance Contract could result in student being dropped for Chronic Truancy and automatically transferred to the Truancy Alternative Program, which must be completed before returning to home school.

·         When a student accumulates a total of 18 absences (excused or unexcused) he/she will be required to present a Dr.’s note to excuse any subsequent absences.


20 Unexcused Absences-

·         Student will have broken Alternative Attendance Contract thus automatically be transferred to the Truancy Alternative Program (TAP) and not be able to return to any district high school until TAP requirements are completed.



The TAP program is located at an alternative site.  Students will be transferred there upon violation of the Alternative Attendance Contract or upon refusal to sign a contract once they are at 18 unexcused absences. Student must successfully complete this program before returning to their home school. 



When a student acquires 18 or more of absences of any type, a doctor’s note will be required for every absence after that for a fully excusable admit. 



Students who accumulate nine or more unexcused absences in a class for a nine-week grading period, he/she will receive an F for the nine weeks.  



Parents are expected to notify Mrs. Callahan in the Deans’ Office from 7:15 am to 2:30 pm. on days a student is absent.  When leaving a voicemail, please include:  (1) complete name of student and your relationship to the student, (2) the dates he/she will be absent, (3) a number where you can be reached if there are any questions, and the reason for the student’s absence. 


Students, who have been absent and have not, notified the office of their absence must  bring a note which includes: (1) the name of the student, (2) the dates of the absence, (3) a number where parent/guardian can be reached if there are any questions, (4) the reason for the student’s absence, (5) the parent or guardian signature.  Excused absences will allow a student two (2) school days in which to make-up any work missed. If a student fails to return from an absence with a note, the absence will remain unexcused and he/she will not receive full credit for the homework missed on day(s) of absence.


All students who are absent from school five or more consecutive days will be required to have their excuses for absence verified by the Deans’ Office.


NOTE:  Calls and notes regarding student absence will only be accepted if they are from a legal guardian of the student.




***During the 2011-2012 school year, Manual Academy will not issues paper admits to students who have been absent.  All attendance will be coded in Skyward for teachers to view.***


If a parent/guardian has called the office to report an absence on the day it occurs, the returning student needs only to report to his/her first hour class.


If a parent/guardian did not call to report the absence, the student should bring a note upon return to school.  The note should be given to Mrs. Callahan in the Deans’ Office before school. Students will not be allowed to leave class to bring notes to the office. 


NOTE:  Until a parent/guardian note or phone call is received, all absences that are not school-related (field trips, etc.) will remain unexcused.


Any student who wishes to be released during the school day for any reason, other than a doctor or dental appointment, must submit a note  from their parent or guardian by 8:25 AM on the day of the request, or earlier, to the Academy Leader. This note must include the student's full name, year in school, reason, time and date of the student’s requested release from school.  Parents/guardians should also call the Dean’s Office in order to verify the note.  (If the Dean’s office is unable to verify a note, the student will not be allowed to leave school.) (Is note going to Dee or Academy Leader?)


Doctor and/or dental appointments

If possible, parents/guardians should try to arrange all doctor and dental appointments after the school day has ended.  Any student who wishes to be released during the school day for a doctor or dental appointment MUST submit a note from the student's parent or guardian to the Academy office before school begins the day of the request.  A note signed by the doctor or dentist’s office must accompany the student upon returning to school for the absence to be excused for medical reasons.  If the student returns without this verification, his/her absence will be unexcused until verification is received from the doctor/dentist office.  Only ½ day of absence can be excused for an appointment.  A full day excused absence must be pre-approved by your academy leader. 


Illness during school day

Should a student become ill during the school day, he/she must report to the school nurse/Methodist Medical Clinic with the proper entry pass from the counseling office. No student will be allowed into the nurse’s office/Methodist Medical Clinic without a proper admittance pass.  If the nurse determines that a student is ill enough to be released from school, a parental contact will be made to allow the student to be picked up to go home.  Students will only be released to leave with a parent or guardian or a parent/guardian approved adult.  Under no circumstances is a student allowed to leave school grounds during school hours without permission from the school nurse, Academy Leader, or administrative staff.  All students who do not follow this procedure will be subject to disciplinary action.  Remember that students are not to use cellular phones for this purpose.  All calls regarding illness must be made by our school nurse.



During the school year, there are requests by students to be absent from school for various reasons and for extended periods of time.  This results in questions as to what absences may be legally excused.  The following requirements are in accordance with District Policy 7:70 and Manual Academy School:

A.      Requests by students to be absent from school shall be

             granted by principals or his/her designee only under the

             provisions provided for in The School Code of Illinois.


B.      A student’s parent(s)/guardian(s) must authorize all absences

and notify the school 2 days in advance when situations require pre-approval notices, otherwise at the time of the student’s absence.


C.      Requests by students to be absent from school to make visits

        to college campuses and job interviews shall be granted only in

        accordance with District Policy (up to five days total).


D.     Requests by students to be absent from school for the

        following reasons will be considered excused absences:

·         illness

·         observance of religious holiday (2-day notice requested)

·         death in the immediate family

·         family emergency

·         visits to college campuses and job interviews (2-day notice requested)

·         situations beyond the student’s control as determined by the Board of Education

·         other circumstances which cause reasonable concern to the parent for the safety or health of the student.


E.      It shall be the responsibility of the student to complete all make-up work within the time limits established by school personnel.

Students who accumulate 18 excused absences must bring a doctor’s note for every absence after that. 

*Requests by students to be absent from school during the semester examinations shall be denied.


Student must report to classes on time.  Students who are late to 1st hour will report to their Home School Facilitator for an Admit. After 1st hour, students will report to the Dean’s office for an admit if they are just reporting to school.  Students who are late to class during the day but it is less than 10 minutes, are to remain in class but will be tracked by HSF and will have a plan created to combat his/her tardiness.  Students who report more than 10 minutes late also remain in class but will get a cut class referral written to their dean.  They will be subject to consequences attached to that infraction. 



To avoid any misunderstandings as to the ultimate responsibilities of the staff of Manual Academy School, Section 24-24 of the School Code of Illinois is quoted here: 


“Teachers and other certified educational employees shall maintain discipline in the schools.  In all matters relating to discipline in and conduct of the schools and school children, they stand in the relations of parents and guardians to the pupils.  This relationship shall extend to all activities connected with the school program and may be exercised at any time for the safety and supervision of the pupils in absence of their parents or guardians.”


With the responsibility of a providing a safe orderly learning environment, Manual Academy has set up a student discipline program to encourage and promote appropriate and respectful behavior at all times


Alternative Probation Program

A student committing one or more offenses resulting in a recommendation for expulsion under Board Policy (fighting, gross insubordination, verbal abuse of school personnel, stealing, or refusing to submit disciplinary action) may be suspended and recommended for Alternative Probation. Alternative Probation provides for the admission of the expulsion charge, the terms and provisions of the alternative probation and waiving the notice and expulsion hearing in the event the probation is violated.  In addition, a student accumulating four (4) suspensions may also be recommended for an expulsion hearing and asked to sign an Alternative Probation Agreement in lieu of the expulsion procedure. Students will not be permitted to return to school until the Alternative Probation Agreement has been signed by the Student, Parent, and Administration. This process must be completed with all involved parties present at the same time.     


ATS: In-school Suspension/ Saturday School

As an alternative to an out-of-school suspension, In-school Suspensions or Saturday School may be assigned for infractions of the tardy and/or discipline policies.  Failure to attend or repeated offenses may result in out-of-school suspension.

  • ISS -Students will be assigned for up to two days.  Students must follow the rules there or be subjected to an out-of-school suspension.
  • SS- Students must be in attendance when assigned, arrive promptly and complete assignment given.  Missed Saturday School may result in an out-of-school  suspension



All electronics are to be “off and out of sight” in classrooms.  NOTE:  Electronics (cell phones, MP3 Players, cameras, personal gaming devices, etc.) are permissible during passing periods (in hallways only) and during lunch. Electronics which are used inappropriately or at inappropriate times will be confiscated by MA faculty/staff/administration and a parent/guardian will be required to pick up the device each time it is confiscated after the first offense. FAILURE TO GIVE YOUR CELL PHONE TO SCHOOL OFFICIALS IS LEVEL 2 SUSPENDABLE OFFENSE (INSUBORDINATION).


The administration of Manual Academy reserves the right to change this policy to reflect the former “Off and Out of Sight” policy at its discretion.  Manual Academy (including faculty, staff and administration) is not responsible for electronics, which are lost, stolen or damaged while in students’ possession and it is advised that students be extremely cautious in their decisions as to which electronics they bring into the building during school hours.



Demerits are given for discipline referrals in violation of school rules and regulations.  Demerits will be given for a variety of violations to Level 2 offenses.  Suspension may result after the accumulation of each 100 demerits if the last violation of school rules is a level 2 offense and that violation takes the number of demerits to or over 100. 

  • Recovery of Demerits

Student wishing to reduce demerits may attend Study Tables for three times within a week to earn merits.  A student can earn 25 merits for each set of weekly sessions.  A student can only reduce once during a two week span.  Student must attend the entire time and bring materials with which to study. 


Detentions will be held for 30 or 60 minutes and are scheduled after school 2:35 until 3:30  Monday – Friday. 


Discipline Referrals. 

A Level 2 referral from a teacher or bus driver/monitor will result in some form of disciplinary action.  Student will be sent to their appropriate Dean. Failure by a student to report to the appropriate office after being given a discipline referral will result in Level 2 consequences.


In-School Suspension/ Saturday School

As an alternative to an out-of-school suspension, In-School Suspensions or Saturday School may be assigned for infractions of discipline policies.  Failure to attend or repeated offenses may result in out-of-school suspension.


Teacher/Student Conference. Student behavior that interferes with the learning of others is not acceptable. The teacher handles Level 1 (less severe classroom behavior problems) in the classroom. Such things as lack of proper materials, sleeping in class, talking, out of seats, food, candy and/or drinks in class, are examples of behaviors that can be disruptive in a classroom, yet are handled, at least initially, by the teacher. Since a portion of class time has been lost due to such behavior, a portion of the student's free time will be assigned by the teacher to be "made up" either before or after school or during lunch at the discretion of the individual teacher. The normal procedure for addressing this type of discipline problem is: 

1)       correction of the disruptive/inappropriate behavior/warning

2)       assignment of a Teacher/Student Conference,

3)       teacher contact of parents/guardians concerning situation.

Note:  Students are reminded that any discipline takes priority over all other student activities. 



In order to assure the consistency, fairness, and effectiveness of its student discipline policies, the District will utilize a three-tier disciplinary framework for classification of student offenses and punishment. Level One offenses are those that the classroom teacher is expected to address. Level Two and Level Three offenses are those that require a school-level administrator (either principal, dean, or designee) to address, and may result in a range of consequences, which may result in demerits, detentions, Saturday School, in/out of school suspension, expulsion (including alternative probation agreement), administrative transfer, or other action by the Board.


Level One offenses are those that the classroom teacher is expected to address

Level 1 infractions include but are not limited to:

·         Inappropriate language

·         Physical contact

·         Defiance/disrespect/non-compliance

·         Disruption

·         Misuse of property

Consequences for Level 1 infractions may include, but not limited to:

·         Warning

·         Parent contact

·         Student/teacher conference

·         Loss of privilege

·         Isolation from class/peers

Repeated or extreme Level 1 infractions can be elevated to Level 2 consequences at the discretion of the school administration.

Level 2 are those disciplinary behavior infractions that are addressed by the administration. The behaviors may result in a variety of actions by the administration.

Level 2 Behavior infractions might include but are not limited to:

·         Aiding/abetting

·         Bus violation/Class disruption

·         Cut class (stay in building/ leave school)

·         Extortion/ Gambling

·         Failure to identify self/Misrepresentation

·         Gang activity

·         Disrespect/ Insubordination

·         Illegal substances (possession-use of)

·         Improper use of computers & electronic devices

·         Inappropriate Language/Abusive/Profanity/ Obscenities

·         Lying to school official

       Physical Activity–  Aggression/Battery/ Fighting/ Physical Activity

·         Property Damage / Vandalism

·         Reckless Conduct/Sexual Misconduct

·         Theft (material / identity/ Felony $250+)

·         Threats/ Harassment/ Teasing/ Bullying/ Assault/ Stalking

·         Trespassing / Unauthorized Area


Consequences for Level 2 may include, but are not limited to:

·         Student Conference

·         Parent Contact

·         School Demerits

·         School Service

·         Contract

·         Peer Jury

·         In-School Suspension

·         Saturday School

·         Restitution

·         Out-of-School Suspension

·         Alternative Probation

·         Expulsion


Level 3 are those behaviors that are severe enough that they may require an expulsion/alternative probation because of District Policy and/or State Law.

Level 3 Behavior infractions include, but not are limited to:

·         Weapons

·         Drugs/Alcohol

·         Assault to School Personnel & others*

*Others - attack must be a violent physical attack that causes bodily   harm.  

Consequences for Level 3 may include, but are not limited to:

·         Restitution

·         Out-of-School Suspension

·         Alternative Probation

·         Expulsion




The following offenses are defined by the Peoria Public School’s Board of Education as actions constituting gross misconduct and/or gross disobedience. These acts may be considered for suspension from one (1) to ten (10) days and/or expulsion, depending upon previous discipline records and/or severity of the actions.  Any student on suspension will receive a grade of F or 50% in each class for the days he/she is suspended from school on all missed work completed. 


Prohibited Student Conduct

The school administration and/or designee are authorized to discipline students for gross disobedience or misconduct, including, but not limited to:

1.    Using, possessing, distributing, purchasing, or selling tobacco materials.

2.    Using, possessing, distributing, purchasing, selling and/or under the influence of alcoholic beverages. Students who are under the influence are not permitted to attend school or school functions and are treated as though they had alcohol in their possession.

3.    Using, possessing, distributing, purchasing, selling and/or under the influence of

a.       1) any illegal drug, controlled substance, cannabis (including marijuana and hashish) and/or residue,

b.       2)any anabolic steroid not administered under a physician’s care and supervision

c.        3)any prescription drug when not prescribed for the student by a licensed physician or when used in a manner inconsistent with the prescription or prescribing physician’s instructions

d.       4)“look-alike” or counterfeit drugs 5) Drug paraphernalia, Students who are under the influence of any prohibited substance are not permitted to attend school or school functions and are treated as though they had the prohibited substance, as applicable, in their possession.

4.    Using, possessing, controlling, or transferring a weapon or ammunition in violation of the “weapons” section of this policy.

5.    Students are permitted to have in their possession cellular telephones, personal digital assistants and other wireless electronic devices.  All such devices shall be kept off and out of sight during the regular school day while in the school building, riding the school bus, or while attending any class or school activity outside of the school building unless, (a) the supervising teacher grants permission; (b) use of the device is provided in a student’s I.E.P.; (c) specific written permission is given by the school principal; or (d) it is needed in an emergency that threatens the safety of the students, staff or other individuals.  Violation of this policy will subject students to normal disciplinary measures and/or confiscation of the device.

6.    Using or possessing a laser pointer unless under a staff member’s direct supervision and in the context of instruction.

7.    Insubordination: Disobeying rules of student conduct or directives from staff members or school officials.  Examples of disobeying staff directives include refusing a District staff member’s request to stop, present school identification, or submit to a search.

8.    Engaging in academic dishonesty, including cheating, intentionally plagiarizing, wrongfully giving or receiving help during an academic examination, and wrongfully obtaining test copies or scores.

9.    Engaging in any kind of aggressive behavior that does physical or psychological harm to another or any urging of other students to engage in such conduct.  Prohibited conduct includes any use of violence, fighting, assault and battery, force, noise, coercion, threats, intimidation, fear, harassment, bullying, extortion, hazing, or other comparable conduct.

10. Causing or attempting to cause damage to, or stealing or attempting to steal, school property or in another person’s personal property or in possession of stolen property.

11. Being absent without a recognized excuse; State law and Board Policy on

      truancy control will be used with chronic and habitual truants.

12. Being involved with any public school fraternity, sorority, or secret society, by:

·         being a member;

·         promising to join;

·         pledging to become a member; or

·         soliciting any other person to join, promise to join, or being

·         pledged to become a member

13. Being involved in gangs or gang-related activities, including displaying gang symbols or paraphernalia.  The Board believes that the presence of gangs and gang activities can cause a substantial disruption of, or material interferences with school and school activities.  A “gang” as defined in this policy is any group of two or more persons whose purposes include the commission of illegal acts.  By this policy, the Board of Education acts to prohibit existence of gangs and gang activities. _

14. Violating any criminal law, such as, but not limited to, assault and battery, arson, theft, gambling, hazing, reckless conduct, aiding and abetting.

15.    Engaging in any activity, on or off campus that: (a) poses a threat or danger to the safety of other students, staff, or school property; (b) constitutes an interference with school purposes or an educational function; or (c) is disruptive to the school environment.

16.    Failing to comply with the mandatory uniform policy, but only after repeated attempts to secure compliance, such as conferences with parents/guardians, has been unsuccessful.

17.    Indecent exposure of body or engaging in an act of sexual conduct with another, or sexual harassment.

18.    Accumulation of 100 or more demerits for violation of school rules after counseling and notice to the student and parents or guardians.

19.    A student who accumulates four (4) suspensions during a school year may be recommended for an expulsion hearing.  The student and his/her parent or legal guardian shall be notified after a 3rd (third) suspension by written notice of this policy.  At the hearing, proof will be limited to the facts pertaining to the last suspension and the record of the past suspensions.

20.    Gross disrespect, gross insubordination or gross verbal abuse of another. Gross verbal abuse includes a threat and racial or religious slur.

21.    Any misrepresentation communicated to a teacher or staff member in verbal or written format such as forgery/falsifying information.


  • For purposes of this policy, the term “possession” includes having control, custody, or care, currently or in the past, of an object or substance, including situations where the item is: (a) on the student’s person; (b) contained in another item belonging to, or under the control of, the student, such as in the student’s clothing, backpack, or automobile; (c) in a school’s student locker, desk, or other school property; or (d) at any location on school property or at a school-sponsored event.


  • No disciplinary action shall be taken against any student that is based totally or in part on the refusal of the student’s parent/guardian to administer or consent to the administration of psychotropic or psycho stimulant medication to the student.


  • The grounds for disciplinary action, including those described more thoroughly later in this policy, apply whenever the student’s conduct is reasonably related to school or school activities, including, but not limited to:

a)       On, or within sight of, school grounds before, during, or after school hours or at any other time when  the school is being used by a school group;

 b).  Off school grounds at a school-sponsored activity, or event, or any activity or even which bears a reasonable relationship    to school;

                c).   Traveling to or from school or a school activity, function or event.

          d).    Anywhere, if: (1) the conduct may reasonably be considered to be a

               threat or an attempted intimidation of a staff member; (2) the

               conduct may reasonably be considered to be an interference with

               school purposes or an educational function; of (3) the student’s

               presence at school may reasonably be considered to create an

               interference with school purposes or an educational function.

*Any incident that involves a breach of law requires police notification by the administration.




A student, who uses, possesses, controls, or transfers a weapon or ammunition or any other object that can reasonably be considered, or looks like, a weapon, shall be expelled for at least one calendar year, but no more than 2 calendar years.  The Superintendent may modify the expulsion period and the Board may modify the Superintendent’s determination, on a case-by-case basis.  A “weapon” means possession, use, control, or transfer of: (1) any gun, rifle, shotgun, a weapon as defined by Section 921 of Title 18, United States Code, firearm as defined in Section 1.1 of the Firearm Owners Identification Act, or use of a weapon as defined in Section 24-1 of the Criminal Code; (2) any other object if used or attempted to be used to cause bodily harm, including but not limited to, knives, brass knuckles, Billy clubs; or (3) “look-alikes” of any weapon as defined above.  Any item, such as a baseball bat, pipe, bottle, lock, stick, pencil and pen, is considered to be a weapon if used or attempted to be used to cause bodily harm.  The Superintendent or designee may grant an exception to this policy, upon the prior request of an adult supervisor, for students in theatre, cooking, ROTC, martial arts, and similar programs, whether or not school-sponsored, provided the item is not equipped, nor intended, to do bodily harm.


Delegation of Authority

Each teacher, and any other non-administrative school personnel when students are under his/her care, is authorized to impose any disciplinary measure, other than suspension, expulsion, corporal punishment or in-school suspension, which is appropriate and in accordance with the policies and rules on student discipline.  Teachers, other certified educational employees and other persons providing a related service for or with respect to a student may use reasonable force as needed to maintain safety for other students, school personnel, or other persons, or for the purpose of self-defense or defense of property.  Teachers may remove students from a classroom for disruptive behavior.





Computers will be used for educational purposes only and all students must comply with the District 150 internet Policy.  Inappropriate use of or violation of computer rules will result in the termination of student computer rights and disciplinary action.  Rules for computer use:

  1. We expect that at all times when students are accessing the Internet, whether it is in individual rooms, computer labs, or the library such use will be closely monitored by a qualified staff member.
  2. We expect that students will not be allowed access to the Internet unless they have been given a specific assignment or specific reasons to do so by a teacher, staff member or other adult who has been authorized to do so by the administration.
  3. There will be no downloading of MPE files, Internet games or music related sites allowed. No downloading or playing of Internet games is allowed.
  4. No chat rooms, e-mail, or other form of electronic correspondence will be allowed, including AOL messenger, yahoo messenger, or message boards.
  5. Do NOT visit inappropriate websites.
  6. Do NOT give out your password to others, including substitute teachers.
  7. Do NOT shut down computers unless told to do so. 
  8. No printing without permission.
  9. No food or drink is allowed near any computer, including labs, library and classrooms.


Consequences for improper use of school computers and/or the Internet are as follows:

1.       First Offense: Loss of all school Internet privileges for the remainder of the grading period.

2.       Second Offense: Loss of all school Internet privileges for the remainder of the semester.

3.       Third Offense: Loss of all Internet privileges for the rest of the current school year.

Note: Any student access to sites of a sexual or pornographic nature will result in the immediate loss of school computer privileges for the remainder of the current school year.



Students at Manual Academy have a (30) thirty minute lunch period.  Students are expected to eat lunch and remain in the designated areas of the school building during the lunch period times.  Any student who leaves school grounds during their lunch period will be subject to disciplinary action for violation of Manual Academy's Closed Campus Policy. School lunches must be obtained from the school’s cafeteria or brought in with students from home when they arrive.  Food from outside restaurants is not allowed. 


Since there are classes in session during all lunch periods, students are to remain in the designated areas, until the end of their lunch period.  Students must always have a pass to be in any other area. These areas include: the immediate area by the back lunch line, the cafeteria hallway, front foyer, and the boys’ restroom near the deans’ office ONLY. 


Students are expected to follow cafeteria rules at all times. All students are given a student ID card with a number. This allows them to utilize the computer system necessary to obtain a lunch in Manual Academy's cafeteria. This number is confidential and only for the individual student's use. Any unauthorized use of card or number will result in disciplinary action.


Manual Academy operates as a closed campus.  Our policy states that once a student arrives at school, he/she cannot leave without following the proper and established checkout procedures. This procedure covers all situations including medical, personal and lunches.  School lunches must be purchased from the school’s cafeteria or brought in with students from home when they arrive.  Food from outside restaurants is not allowed.  Violation of this will result in students being subjected to disciplinary action.     




Student dress, personal appearance and conduct must be such that it will not disrupt or distract from the instructional procedure of the school. Student dress and grooming shall be such that they meet reasonable safety, health, and decency standards, and will not tend to diminish the disciplinary control of the teacher or administrator.

Examples of unacceptable clothing and appearance include, but are not limited to the following:

1. Bare midriffs, stomach, waist, hips, shoulders and back (this includes strapless, one-shouldered, tube, halter tops, etc.).

2. Cleavage showing.

3. See-through blouses, short shorts, short skirts of an inappropriate length, backless attire, etc.

4. Underwear displayed. .

5. All tops which are not long enough to be tucked in and remain tucked in.

6. Ribbed, sleeveless undershirts of any color.

7. Lewd, obscene, or suggestive t-shirts.

8. Jewelry, clothing, hats and/or tattoos that display an illegal substance or gang affiliation, or symbols associated with hate   groups.

9. Hairnets, "do-rags," skull caps, bandanas, or headbands (sweat bands).

10. Pants need to be worn at the waist. Sagging is not permitted.

11. No sleepwear or slippers.

12. *Hats may not be worn inside any building.

13.  Chains are not to be worn on pants.

*NOTE: Depicts an apparel/item covering the head

**Administrators will make the final determination regarding appropriate attire.



Students must dress and participate in P.E. class daily.  Failure to dress may result in failure of the class.  The school issues PE uniforms and they can be rented or purchased if lost.   



Food and drink are allowed in the cafeteria only. Food and drink are not allowed in hallways and classrooms. They will be confiscated and students will receive consequences.


STUDENT LOCKERS (Hall, PE & Team Lockers). 

Each student is assigned a locker for his/her personal use.  Lockers are NOT to be shared. If students are found to be sharing lockers, they could be subject to disciplinary action that might come as a result of anything found in the locker.  School personnel will not access lockers of other students to get another student’s possessions.   Lockers and desks remain the property of Manual Academy, and school personnel reserve the right to inspect lockers and desks at any time with or without the presence of the student.  There may be unannounced locker searches at any time throughout the school year.



Students within Manual Academy attendance boundaries will be allowed to attend. Students NOT residing within the school boundaries must complete an application to attend. Exception-All students who want to be a part of the Manual Academy Jr. Preparatory Academy (7th & 8th) must complete an application.  


Applicants - Manual  Preparatory Academy

Students in 7TH and 8th grade must complete an application.  Parents must sign a parent compact agreeing to partner with staff to help their child to be successful in school. Priority WILL be given to students living in the Manual Academy School area. 


Attendance - Manual Academy Students:

Students must attend school within the school boundaries where his/her parent(s) or court appointed guardian is a legal resident. Academy leaders may request proof of residency at any time during the school year.  An emancipated student (court approved) may attend school within the school boundaries where he/she has established his/her own legal residence.  The academy leader will require proof of residency from all emancipated students.

Manual Academies

  1. Manual Academy Jr. Preparatory Academy (7th & 8th)
  2. 9th Grade Success Academy
  3. Business, Industrial and Sustainable Technology
  4. Health, Education and Human Services



Driving/parking at Manual Academy is a privilege.  To park in the Manual Academy parking lot, students must have a Manual Academy parking sticker.  Students may obtain a parking sticker application from the Manual Academy School Resource office.  Recklessness and/or misuse of this privilege may result in loss of a student’s privilege to drive/park in the school parking lot.  In addition, not displaying a valid parking sticker can result in the driver of the auto loss of Manual Academy parking privileges. 

The first six rows are reserved for the Manual Academy School faculty and staff. 

Students are not allowed to park in the first (6) rows of the Manual Academy parking lot.  Students in violation of this rule are subject to disciplinary action.   


Note: Any vehicles parked on Manual Academy School property may be searched at any time without the owner's permission.



Manual Academy has developed a Safe School Plan in order that we might be prepared for various emergencies that could possibly occur.  Preparedness drills will be conducted during the school year to familiarize faculty, staff, and students of our procedures for  coping with a variety of emergency situations.


During the school we will have several fire drills.  Students should be informed by their teachers as to proper evacuation procedure.  Such information should be posted in every room of the building.   NOTE:  Initiating a false fire alarm constitutes a sufficient disruption of the educational process to merit an immediate suspension from school.  Violators will be charged according to state law and suspended and /or expelled from school. 


In an effort to support our “Safe Schools” initiative, we have adopted the following student identification policy.

All students are required to wear their Manual Academy identification badge visible at all times.

All students must present their Manual Academy ID to any school staff member upon request.

All students must present their Manual Academy ID to attend school activities.

One identification badge will be issued to each student per school year at the cost of $6.00 (paid on fee day).  Any lost or misplaced badges must be replaced at a cost of $6.00 per badge.


 It is the responsibility of the student and parent/guardian to provide the school with the following up-to-date information:

1. Correct parent/guardian names

       2. Correct address of parent/guardian and the student

       3. Correct home and work phone numbers where a parent/guardian can be reached.

*The student's counselor and/or Academy Leader must be notified immediately as to any change in any of the above-required information.



All signs and posters to be placed on the walls or windows of Manual Academy School must be approved by the school administration prior to being posted anywhere in the building.  Failure to follow this procedure will result in disciplinary action.



It is important for the parent/guardian of students with health problems to contact the school nurse (located in the MMC) to inform her of it.  The nurse needs a description of the problem, the medicine and/or treatment prescribed, and the name of the doctor.  All students on any kind of medication must check in with the nurse and inform her about the medicine they will be taking during the school day.  This should be done the first week the student attends school or when the medication is prescribed by your doctor.  In addition, students may register with MMC and have access to services when needed.  Students must follow procedures for visiting the MMC.  They are required to set up an appointment through their academy office.   



Student Health – Medical Excuse for PE

For a student to receive a medical excuse from a physical education class, he/she must submit a doctor’s medical excuse before being excused from PE class.   The doctor must give specific medical reasons for being excused from PE class.  All medical excuses must be submitted directly to the school nurse.   This information will always be kept confidential.


Student Health – Medicine

Any and all medicines, which a student brings to school, must be turned in immediately to the school nurse.  This includes doctor prescribed medicines and over-the-counter medicines or drugs.  If a student is required to take any medication, it must be taken only in the nurse’s office.  Also, all medicines must be in their original containers.  Students found in possession of medicines are considered to be in possession of DRUGS and could result in serious disciplinary action being taken against the student.



Students who reside more than 1.5 miles from school may receive free bus transportation to and from school. Bus passes are issued and required at each boarding.  All school policies apply to conduct on the buses.  Failure to abide by them will result in disciplinary action and/or loss of bus-riding privileges. 



District 150 buses use video/audio equipment to monitor conduct and provide a safe environment for students and employees.  Recordings are confidential records. 



Parents and/or guardians of students attending Manual Academy are not only welcome, but also encouraged to visit Manual Academy. We do ask that all visitors’ sign in at the front desk to secure a visitor's pass prior to going to other areas of the building.  Parents and/or guardians wishing to meet with a teacher or visit a classroom must report to the academy office to facilitate his/her need.


NOTE:  Children of students attending Manual Academy are not permitted within the building during school hours unless they have been pre-approved by the nurse and/or the administrative staff.



Work permits are issued to fourteen (14) and fifteen (15) year old students who have acquired employment but are unable to work until they obtain the required permit.  Applications for work permits can be obtained from the Academy Leader’s.