Woodrow Wilson Uniform Policy

 Uniforms and Personal Appearance- It is very important that children attending Woodrow Wilson School wear a proper uniform each day. Since we have required students to wear uniforms, we have seen a considerable decline in bullying and teasing in regards to the clothing items children wear. Students may wear any combination of the following clothing items:

Navy blue, khaki/tan or black slacks, skirts or shorts –No Denim

White, red, or any shade of blue tops-polo or oxford shirts, sweatshirts, sweaters or vests- Shirts must have collars-No T-Shirts, Those wearing a shirt under uniform shirt to stay warm must be a uniform color also.

Any apparel worn must be a school color with no logo on it, including tights,socks, head bands, sweaters etc.

Belts must be worn - No baggy pants

Shoes of any kind can be worn except for high heeled shoes and open toed flip-flop sandals- These types of shoes are inappropriate and may cause students to fall or slip on the stairs or on the playground. Students wearing these shoes will not participate in recess activities. (Students must have gym shoes for P.E.)

No hats or head-wear of any kind may be worn in the building


  *Students who are violating dress code will be issued a Violation Ticket.