English II


Room 405


Course Description:


This course is designed to introduce you to various literary forms including short story, biography, poetry, and drama. This course stresses grammar, mechanics, and composition skills, especially those skills involved in paragraph writing and in buisiness letter writing. In addition, the novel and the essay are topics of study. Both semesters of this course require writing to include paragraphs and longer composition. Emphasis is placed upon analytical reading and writing skills.


Course Expectations:


·         Be respectful to the instructor and your fellow classmates

·         Come prepared each day for class

·         Be on time not only to class but also in turning in your work

·         Take responsibility for your work especially if you’ve been absent

·         Participate in the class


Course Supplies:


·         A binder with loose leaf paper specifically for this course

·         Several divisders for the binder to keep things separate

·         Blue or black writing utensils

·         Pencils

·         A flash drive

·         Access to the library and or internet


Required Coursework:


All assignments will work in relation to what we are reading or have read in the course. All major assignments will be accompanied by a rubric and full written instructions. Each unit will also come with a syllabus for specific dates for each of the selections of reading.


·         Research Essay

·         Tests

·         Common Assessment

·         Quizzes

·         Smaller Essays

·         Projects

·         Presentations

·         Daily Assignments


What We’ll be Reading:


·         Short stories and works out of your literature book both from the realms of fiction and nonfiction

·         Novels