English II


Room 239


Course Description:


            English II is a sampling of various forms of literature from around the world. Within the course, students will clearly establish an understanding of literature and its role and relationship to various cultures and in so doing, develop a more global perspective.


Course Texts:


·         Collections Grade 10 hardcover text

·         Collections Grade 10 workbook

·         Vocabulary Greek and Latin Roots IV


Requirements for Course:


            Students should come to class each day prepared. As a result, the following supplies are necessary for the course.


·         2” binder

·         Binder dividers

·         Loose leaf paper

·         Pens – blue or black ink

·         Pencils

·         Jump drive

·         Internet access

·         Poster Board



While the following supplies are not required, they are suggested as a means of making the student’s time in class run more smoothly.


·         3-Hole punch that fits in binder

·         Highlighters




            As with any course, attendance is not only strongly recommended, but also required. If a student accumulates more than five unexcused absences in a grading period in this course, he or she is subject to an F for the grading period.

Assignments will be posted for the week at the start of each week in the classroom. Assignments will also be posted online so that students who do need to remain home have access to what was covered in class during their absence. Assignments will also be posted a week in advance in Skyward so as to best help students and parents be ready for the work that needs to be done for the week. As we all know, with illnesses, family matters, school activities and commitments students have outside of school, absences are inevitable. In the event that you do miss class, please use the aforementioned resources to stay in the loop in regard to work.






Over the course of the year, students are expected to complete the following work:


·         Vocabulary units contained in Vocabulary Greek and Latin Roots IV

·         Pages out of Collections Grade 10 workbook

·         Tests

·         Quizzes

·         Both Group and individual projects

o   Computer lab time and research opportunities will be provided for this portion of the class

·         Essays – Please prepare for one a month at the very least

·         Grammar exercises


These activities will be completed to help foster reading and writing proficiency and fluency as well as critical thinking about not only one’s own work, but also the work of others.




            I always accept late work for partial credit. Please do not hesitate to turn something in late. All missing work will be entered into the grade book as a 0 and marked as missing until it is completed and handed in.




            If you have any questions, or if there is anything that I can help you with, please do not hesitate to shoot me an email at my district address: