MB Way Display
Name: Denise L. Smith
Grade: 5th - 8th
Room #: 202

MB(Mark Bills) Display Suggested Timeline

December 20th  Choose your topic using the Design Cycle

            February 28th  Research Complete
            March 20th  All resources collected

·         April 29th Display Completed


Dear Parents/Guardians:

As part of our journey to become an authorized MYP school we are instructing our students how to problem solve and show evidence of their use of the Design Cycle.  The MB Way Display is an opportunity to explore the extent to which they understand the problem solving concept including taking responsibility for their learning, engaging in an in-depth collaborative inquiry and communicating which Learner Profile attributes they have developed.

Above is the date for completion. There will be rubics for the overall display, written work and reflection to insure the students  are aware of the expectations for their project.  Homeroom teachers and an additional certified staff will monitor their progress but the bulk of the responsibility is with the student, which will involve some work at home.

All  materials must be provided by the students.  This is an individual project and will be recorded as 3 grades for the grading period.  This year the project will be a service project.  It will be based on a community need that they have discovered or that has been a concern.  If you have any questions please contact your child’s homeroom teacher, project consultant or IB Coordinator.  Additional information is available in your students' planner.

This is a great opportunity for our students to develop skills that will build on their success as high school and college students as well as adults.

Denise L. Smith

IB Coordinator

Mark Bills Middle School

Understanding the 5th – 8th Grade MB Way Display Project



Students at Mark Bills will participate in the MB Way Display to explore the extent to which they understand the concepts presented through our MYP training.  This display will give them the opportunity to engage in an in-depth collaborative inquiry and demonstrate their ability to take responsibility for their own learning and be able to communicate what attributes of the Learner Profiles they have developed.  The students will have an opportunity to explore multiple perspectives and share their experience with peers, teachers, parents and other members of the school community.


·       Process journal

·       Results of inquiry

·       Reporting of project

Planning and presentation

·       Rubrics will be provided for the overall display; written work and reflection.

·       Homeroom teachers and an additional assigned staff member will assist with the students’ meeting benchmarks of the project process.

·       Presentations will be given during the MB Way Display

Developing the display

·       Discuss possible real-life issues or problems to be investigated.

·       Pose questions that help to define the central idea and decide on lines of inquiry.

·       Plan the display.

·       Gather necessary materials.

·       Record and reflect on the findings.

·       Present at the MB Way Display.


Review of the display

·       The process journal will be used throughout the project timeline.  The format is determined by the student and incorporates the approaches to learning skills.

·       Student must define the goal and objective for his/her display.

·       One area of interaction is to be included in the context of the display.

·       The student must list resources used to achieve the goal.

·       The student applies information to make decisions and create solutions to the problem selected.

·       A reflection of their learning will be included in the final display.

·       The format of the display should include written, oral and multi-media.


Level of Achievement



The display is an unimaginative treatment of the topic/theme and contains no reflection.


The display contains little reflection but is largely narrative/descriptive.  The student misses many opportunities for creative and/or imaginative treatment of each goal or objective.


There is a serious attempt at reflection and treatment of each goal or objective but significant opportunities for analysis and/or creativity remain undeveloped.


The display contains significant reflection using appropriate and correctly applied approaches.  However, some opportunities for greater analysis and /or creativity are not pursued.


The display clearly shows the depth of reflection and /or vitality of the students’ own ideas and vision.  It contains significant reflection and a personal response the their chosen goals and objectives.


Quality of Reflection


Level of Achievement



The student has not reached a standard described by any of the descriptors given below.


The written work is poorly organized, lacks sensible order and coherent structure.  Very frequent errors in spelling, punctuation and syntax persistently hinder communication.


The student has made some attempt at organization, with some attention paid to appropriate order and structure.  Some errors in spelling, punctuation and syntax sometimes hinder communication.


Organization and structure are coherent throughout.  Very infrequent errors in spelling, punctuation and syntax.

7 – 10

Organization and structure shows creativity and clear organization.  Spelling, punctuation and syntax shows clear understanding.


Quality of Written Work



Level of Achievement



The student made some attempt at completing the display.  Many questions were left unanswered and most assignments were not displayed in their entirety.


The student made good attempt at completing the display.  Many questions were answered and most assignments were displayed in their entirety.


The student made an excellent attempt at completing the culminating project.  All questions were left answered and all assignments were displayed in the entirety.


The display shows a complete solution with sound reasoning and a clear path of research.  The observer understands the student’s chosen ideas.


Quality of Display