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    Temperatures expected to warm up this week

    Following a week of magnificent weather, the local forecast is expected to warm up this week. Temperatures are expected to be as high as the low to mid-nineties, with the warmest day on Thursday. While Peoria Public Schools will maintain a regular schedule this week, we will work to ensure that students and staff remain safe during the warmer weather. We have ordered water to keep in stock in our District warehouse and will keep schools without air conditioning supplied throughout the week. Schools without air conditioning also have a supply of fans and can request additional fans through our Buildings and Grounds Department. Finally, all schools with multiple floors are being encouraged to keep students on the lower floors as much as possible where the building is typically the coolest.

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  • The Importance of the Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz’s

    The beginning of the school year is always difficult at my house. Summertime for my boys means staying up late and sleeping in. Our days and nights become so flexible during summer vacation that it hardly resembles a schedule. Until we get back into our school year routine, my husband and I deal with cranky, sleep deprived children. I frequently hear the same complaint from other parents. As adults, we can sometimes push through an occasional sleepless night. However, it is much harder for our children.

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  • Welcome Back, Families!

    Dear District 150 Families: Welcome back! The first day of school is always an exciting and hopeful time. Today I visited 25 of District 150’s 27 school buildings, jumped on a bus with students from Thomas Jefferson and rode to school with them, and spent the early morning hours talking with local media about my excitement for the new school year. Tomorrow morning, I look forward to visiting the last two. It was wonderful to see our students in new uniforms and shoes, ready to learn. Throughout the District, it was obvious that our teachers put hours of time, effort and creativity into getting their classrooms ready for the year. Students were reminded how important it is that they are kind to each other and help each other, and how important it is that they spend time each day reading. I also was able to greet many former colleagues and meet new staff members as I visited schools. It was a pleasure to see our outstanding Peoria Public Schools team’s enthusiasm today. I have asked each of our staff members throughout the District to put renewed focus, energy and commitment on serving our customers – our students and their families. I believe you will see a difference in many small ways in coming months – even in the way we answer the phone when you call. To parents, grandparents and guardians – thank you for entrusting the education of your children to the Peoria Public Schools. We believe we are on the right track to help your student succeed. To students – I give you the message that I gave your peers today – use kind words, help each other and support each other, and spend time reading each day. These are lessons that will bring lifetime rewards. Have a remarkable school year, Dr. Sharon Desmoulin-Kherat

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Since 2010, the State has shorted Peoria Public Schools $18,670,346? With the cumulative unfunded amount, the District's budget deficit would not exist this year.
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